Common iPhone Problems and its Rectification

iPhone Problems and its solutions

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  • Many people are using iPhone because of the exciting features it provides. However, it is quite natural that the machine will encounter some issues afterward.
  • Same is the situation with iPhone too. There are many common issues and easy solutions with iPhone.
  • Here we discuss most common problems of  iPhone with its  solutions.
Cracked Screen

Cracked screens can be frustrating to use and there is an increased risk of your phone suddenly becoming unusable. It is better to get it repaired sooner rather than later. There are a number of solutions from taking your phone into your Apple store, but calling an independent mobile repair technician could be the best way to get the job done properly for a reasonable price. 

iPhone Error 53

iPhone models which have fingerprint scanners often face error 53. It occurs when users try to restore their device via iTunes and the device fails the security test by Apple. Fix the error 53 by restoring your iPhone to a latest iOS version.

iPhone X Screen Becomes Unresponsive in Cold Weather

Several incidents of iPhone X screen not responding in cold weather have been reported by the users in colder countries. Although Apple has announced to soon launch a software update to fix the issue. Till then try locking and unlocking the iPhone as it has helped some to resolve the issue.

Water Damage

Water is the biggest foe for electrical goods and iPhones are no different. If your phone is submerged in water there are a couple of things you could try before giving up! The first thing you need to do is to wipe the excess water off the phone. Don’t try to turn on the phone as this can cause it to short-circuit. Next, put the iPhone in a bowl of rice which will absorb the remaining liquid and leave it there for up to 48 hours. If you feel up to the challenge, you can try to dismantle the phone and dry it from the inside, but this takes a certain amount of skill and could cause further damage to your phone. If the phone still doesn’t work, get help from authorized dealer.

Face ID Not Working

Face ID feature in iPhone X allows you to access your device, App store, and iTunes etc., without entering passcode. Complaints of failure of Face ID after the iOS upgrade are common. Reboot the iPhone or simply turn off/on the device to make the Face ID functional. If these does not work, reset the Face ID under Settings. If still unable to fix iPhone X Face ID, contact Apple center.

Frozen Screen

This is one of the most common problems and usually, it’s quite an easy problem to solve. Either power off your phone and turn it back on again, or try a hard reset by holding down the home button and sleep/wake button at the same time.

Stuck Volume Button

If the volume button gets sucked up, you may be irritated by receiving calls at most inconvenient hours. There are many solutions to this issue. You can try turning on airplane mode. So all calls will be directed to voicemail. Also, you can mute all the sounds on your device. Or you can go to settings-accessibility-assistive touch and turn on assistive mode. Now you will be able to control your device from the home page itself.

iPhone Is Slow

Sometimes your iPhone will run slowly. Don’t worry there are many solutions to this problem. In order to speed up your phone, try removing all apps or clear cache on Safari web browser.

Not Able To Backup The Data

Sometimes iPhone won’t backup the data to iCloud. If this is your case, check if iCloud storage is full. If it is full, try deleting some data from it. It includes unwanted photos, games etc. game apps take lots of storage space just like a mail app. So clear it off. If you want all the data to be kept, try upgrading the storage plan. Before trying all these steps, you can check for any iOS updates available. If not, try resetting the network options by resetting wifi passwords, cellular and VPN settings. You can do this by going to Settings-General-Reset-Reset Network Settings.

In a nutshell, these are some of the common iPhone problems and solutions reported till date. If you have faced any difficulty like the above-mentioned ones, try solving it immediately. But never try on your own if you are not confident enough to resolve the issue. It may damage your phone permanently.

iPhone won’t power off

Try holding down the home button and the sleep/wake button until the apple logo appears on your screen. Your phone should now function normally

No Newest Version Update

Are you searching for common iPhone problems and solutions before buying a new iPhone? One of the common iPhone problems is that iPhone is not getting updated to the newest iOS version. The solution goes like this: simply connect your device to Mac or PC and force restart which will bring your iPhone to recovery mode. Then you will be able to see an update option and when you click on it, the update starts and once it is completed your phone will work as normal. If in case you couldn’t see update option after force restart, try to restore option which will remove all data from the phone. You will now get the latest software version and can be restored with the backed up data.

Volume button is stuck

When the mute button stops working on your iPhone you can sometimes find people calling you at the most inconvenient times. There are a couple of solutions you can try. The first is to turn on Airplane mode. All phone calls will go to voicemail. You could also try to mute all sounds on your iPhone. You can also try going to Settings-Accessibility- Assistive touch- and then turn on Assistive Mode. You will be able to control your phone from the home screen.

The Touchscreen Is Not Working

There are many touchscreen issues for iPhone that it has stopped responding or it is displaying only a black screen. The first and foremost solution is to restart your device. If it doesn’t work, charge your device for an hour. Most probably the issue will be solved. If the screen is cracked and not responding, it will be a hardware problem. So you will need to go for iPhone screen repair. If Apple didn’t fix the issue, try contacting authorized Apple reseller. Your problem will be solved at a reasonable price.

WIFI is not connecting

The problem can be solved by simply restarting your iPhone – hold down the lock button and the home button simultaneously; the Apple logo should appear. Once the phone has restarted, you should be able to reconnect to the WIFI. If not, go to Settings- WIFI-Blue icon network you are trying to connect to- scroll down to the bottom- set the HTTP Proxy to auto.

Rapid Battery Drain

iPhones can have a tendency to drain their batteries quickly. A simple solution is to turn off the apps you aren’t using. This can be found in settings.

Microphone not working

The first thing you should do is check that the plastic film on the iPhone screen has been removed. If the problem persists, go to Settings- Privacy- Microphone and make sure that a specific app has permission to use the microphone

Problems with Bluetooth

This problem can easily be solved by following these steps: Go to settings-General-Choose ‘Reset’ all options- and reset all settings. This will erase all saved settings but it should solve your problem.

iPhone camera doesn’t work

First of all, check to see if you have any restrictions turned on. You can do this through Settings-General-Restrictions and ensure that ‘allow camera’ has been turned on. If this doesn’t solve the problem, try resetting the device following step 3. If this still doesn’t work, then there could be a hardware problem with your camera. Get in touch with your local Technician who can take a look for you!

iPhone White Screen of Death

Failed upgrade, jailbreak or hardware problem can lead to iPhone White Screen of Death. You can restart the device. If that fails to resolve the issue, hard reset (factory reset) your iPhone. If hard reset too does not work, boot your iPhone in DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode.

But remember, both hard rest and booting in DFU mode will clear all your settings and data on iPhone. If you confront a situation where your iPhone is stuck at white screen and you do not have iCloud or iTunes backup. Next fix iPhone white screen with hard reset or DFU mode.

iPhone Black Screen

Dropping your iPhone, spilling water on it, updating an app, malware, bad firmware, jailbreak etc., could be the cause of iPhone black screen.

To fix the issue, first begin with charging your iPhone completely to rule out any battery issue.

If the problem persist, restore your iPhone to factory settings via iTunes

Overheating iPhone

Have you faced messages like ‘iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it?’ Complaints of iPhone getting hot to an extent of explosion are not new. To fix overheating iPhone first take the hot device to a cooler environment away from heat or direct sunlight. Remove the iPhone case, stop using for sometimes or better switch it off for few minutes. You can also try ‘Reset All Settings’ on your iPhone to fix overheating problem. Updating to new iOS also sometimes resolves the issue.


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