• With the VoiceOver screen reader built in, Apple Watch is a powerful and accessible device for helping you be more active, healthy, and connected.
  • And you can customize your screen with a range of display adjustments like grayscale, text size, Zoom, and the extra-Large watch face.
VoiceOver Hear what’s happening on your screen.

VoiceOver is a gesture-based screen reader that uses the speaker on Apple Watch. It tells you everything that’s happening on the screen and helps you navigate it, without the need to see it. VoiceOver on Apple Watch is compatible with built-in apps, is available in more than 35 languages. And when you turn on Taptic Time, a series of distinct taps from the Taptic Engine can discreetly tell you what time it is (or you can choose to have chimes play the time). Just double-tap the display to feel hours and minutes, or triple-tap with one finger to feel only minutes. You can choose from three taptic styles: digits, terse, and Morse code.

Font Adjustment - Bigger. Bolder. Easier to read.

Activate Larger Dynamic Type to increase the text size for a range of Apple Watch apps, including Mail, Messages, and Settings, to make it easier to read. You can also choose Bold Text to make the text heavier across built-in apps.

Grayscale - Reduce color. Step up clarity.

If it’s easier to see the screen without color, Apple Watch lets you enable grayscale onscreen. Once you set the filter, the settings apply systemwide, so you’ll see only shades of gray on the Home screen, in apps, and more.

Reduce Transparency - Make everything stand out clearly.

For features like alerts and Glances, you can increase the contrast on your Apple Watch screen by reducing the background transparency.

VoiceOver ON Apple Watch

Zoom - Make the screen up to 15 times bigger.

It’s easy to zoom in on your content by using the Digital Crown to move across the screen by rows. With magnification up to 15 times the native size, Zoom helps you enjoy all that Apple Watch has to offer.

Extra-Large Watch Face - Make the numbers your focus.

Apple Watch has many different faces that you can change and customize. One of them has numbers that take up the entire screen to make it easier to view the time.

On/Off Labels - Know right away whether a setting is on or off.

To make it easier to see whether a setting is on or off, you can have Apple Watch show an additional label on the on/off switch.

Reduce Motion - Decrease the movement of onscreen elements.

When you turn on Reduce Motion, some screen elements — such as the movement of icons on the Home screen — will be simpler and more directly associated with your navigation gestures.