Installing an App to iPhone


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Step 1

Open the App Store. This is a blue app that has a white “A” with a white circle around it. It’s most likely on your iPhone’s or iPod’s Home Screen.

Step 2

Tap the Search tab. It’s on the bottom of the screen.

    • You can also tap an app on the “Featured” page, which is the default location to which the App Store opens, or you can tap Categories or Top Charts left of Search to look for apps based on different search criteria.

Step 3

Tap the search bar. It’s at the top of the screen.

Step 4

Type in the name of an app, then tap Search. Doing so will take you to a page listing any apps that match your search query.

  • You can also tap the app’s name below the search bar to search for it.

Step 5

Tap GET to the right of your app.

  • If the app isn’t free, you’ll tap its price instead.
  • If it’s an app you already own but isn’t on your device currently, you’ll tap the download button (the icon looks like a cloud with a down-arrow) instead.

Step 8

Wait for the app to download. Once it finishes downloading, the app will be on a page to the right of your iPhone’s or iPod’s Home Screen.

  • You can tap OPEN in the space where GET was to open the app directly.

Step 6

Tap INSTALL. This green button will appear in the same location as did GET.

Step 7

Type in your Apple ID password. You may not always see this option for free apps, but you will always need to verify your account details before purchasing apps.

  • You can also scan your fingerprint if your iPhone supports Touch ID.
  • If you aren’t signed into your Apple ID, you’ll also need to enter your Apple ID email address.


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