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SUPER STEADY (Super steady only works on the rear camera and can be used with Video and Hyperlapse camera modes.)
  • Open the Camera app, and then navigate to the rear camera. Select either Video or Hyper lapse, and then tap the Super steady icon at the top of the screen. It looks like a little hand and will glow yellow when activated. To make things better, Super steady can be used on both the Ultra wide and Wide lens.
  • To prevent unsteady videos, use Super steady on your Note10. It helps stabilize videos to make them come out super-smooth. This function is added because of the fact that even if you’re rock solid, your hands may still shake a little when you hold up your phone.

LIVE FOCUS VIDEO: (The best part is that you can use it on both the front and rear camera)

To use Live focus video, just open the Camera app, swipe to Live focus video, and then select your desired effect. Just be aware that the filters may not appear unless the camera detects a face.

Here are the different options:

  • Blur: Add a touch of blur to the background to give the video a unique look. 
  • Colour point: Make the background grey, so the video’s subject really stands out. Use the slider to adjust the amount of grey.
  • Big circle: Alter the background with garbled orbs of light. The subject will pop out and the picture will have an ethereal look.
  • GlitchGives videos a glitchy-look like something out of a horror movie.

  • Open the Camera app, and select Night mode. Then take pictures as you normally would.
  • Note10’s camera will automatically capture and stitch together multiple images into one single shot, making the picture much brighter. You won’t even realize that the picture was taken somewhere dark.
  • Nothing is more upsetting than taking a picture – only to realize later that it came out too dark. That won’t happen on your Note10. Use Night mode in the evening or in low-light settings to brighten up pictures.

ZOOM-IN MIC : (The Zoom-in mic option may be greyed out depending on the camera mode selected)
  • The setting for this feature is by default, however one should cross check for confirmation. Open the Camera app, and navigate to the rear camera. Select Video, and then tap the Settings icon. Tap Advanced recording options, and then tap the switch next to Zoom-in mic.
  • This features addresses the concern to record a sound at distant. All worries in this respect are over in Note10. The new Zoom-in mic feature increases the volume of the recording as you zoom in on the audio’s source. Moreover, the same also minimizes / filter out background noises.
  • In view to make the sound quality enhanced and even better, Note10 has therefore been installed with three microphones instead of two.