iPhones over Android

8 Best Reasons - People Prefer iPhones over Android

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  • There is a lot of mix feelings, but the one who used both Android and iOS, certainly they have tilted to prefer iOS. Moreover, it merely a liking and affiliation develops after prolong use of either brand.
  • Let us jot down the factual advantages / reasons, which will explain why some people buy iPhones instead of Android phones. Following are the details:
1. Apple Smartphones Support Most Required Apps

App Store is an undeniable drawing card for the iPhone. One of the reasons why people buy smartphones (instead odumb phones) is to gain access to the wide world of apps. For better or for worse, most of the super popular apps you read about online or hear about on the news are available in the iOS App Store. So if you’re picking a platform based on its support for the apps you want to download, chances are that you will be comfortable going with an iPhone.

2. They’ve heard all kinds of things (true and false) about the security of iOS

The iOS system of iPhones is considered more secure and robust than any other system. One of the biggest myths about iOS is the operating system is immune to malware. Therefore, in a worst-case scenario, many people know they can take their iPhone to an Apple store for help — an option for which there isn’t an exact analogue when you’re buying an Android phone. 

3. iPhones Carries on well with its other Apple devices

There are a variety of third-party apps you can use across your devices from different manufacturers. If you’re shopping for a new smartphone and you already have Apple products like a Mac or an iPad at home, it makes sense to at least consider going with an iPhone. Moreover, if you do use an iPhone and a Mac, for instance, you can take advantage of features that Apple has baked into the operating systems to make it easy for your activity and information to flow from one Apple device to the other. 

4. Why iOS is preferred over Android

There are a growing tendency that people have started liking iOS smartphones over Android. Most likely Apple’s interface and design is much appealing and draws attention. Perhaps, most people like iOS because Apple phones starts working right away when out of the box and no need to customize and waist time and energy. Apple phones / iPhones carry advanced and user friendly features like Siri etc give upper edge over other competitive smartphones.

5. Carrier doesn’t load apps and bloatware in iPhones

One of the drawbacks of going with an Android phone, even if you love Google’s platform and its apps and services, is the carrier you purchase your phone will probably add all kinds of apps and bloatware of its own. That isn’t a problem on an iPhone — you can delete any unwanted Apple apps when you set up your new phone. On Android phones, many of the apps that were installed by the carrier can never be uninstalled. That doesn’t seem like a big problem when you have a brand-new phone. But when you’re a year or two in and need more storage space, you won’t be looking at those unwanted apps kindly. 

6. Once Used will always Use Apple / iPhone

It is for sure that you will prefer to purchase the iPhone, when in need, provided you already have one and used to. Brand equity is very strong. It is like an addiction and difficult to change the brand.

7. Recognition of iPhones is easy

There are a number of brands and a vast variety of smartphones in market. Yet, Apple Smartphones will have its quality and demand because of its unique style and easy to recognize. So undoubtedly, some people pick iPhones because they’re the only familiar devices among an overwhelming array of other choices. 

8. They think an iPhone will last longer than an Android phone

Apple has a resale value at any point of time. It has a reputation for supporting older models for years after their release. Sure, a new version of iOS may not be quite as great on a three-year-old iPhone as on a newer model. But at least that old model can get the update. Thanks to Android manufacturers’ slow update schedules, some consumers are unsure whether a phone that’s new now will continue to be supported as long as they want to keep using it, which makes an iPhone feel like a safer choice.